Making great music at the Heart of Scotland

Next Concert

 Sunday November 17th 2019 at 4pm

NB: This is an afternoon Concert!

Victoria Halls, Dunblane

Conductor: Robert Baxter

Leader:      Carolyn Sparey

Soloist:       Jess McFarlane - Trumpet

Beethoven  Coriolan Overture

Neruda       Trumpet Concerto

Beethoven  Symphony No.1

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Events: Come & Play

On Sunday October 6th 2019 Dunblane Chamber Orchestra held a Musical Play-Day for adults.  The idea for this day came from the DCO audience members who told us over the years about being lapsed musicians or just starting to play an instrument in retirement, but not having the experience to join a group yet.  So, we thought we could help, and with funding from Stirling Council and The Co op, we set about organising and advertising our Play Day.


Our group of 54 musicians ranged from grades 1 – 5 and were initially divided into strings and winds for two sessions.  For the final session of the day the two groups came together to form an orchestra.  They were amazing!


On hand to act as “buddies” for our players were members of the DCO.  There was a wide range of music played, and it was chosen progressively to enable the players to feel comfortable with different styles and gain confidence as the day went on.  In the final session the strings played a section of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik and the winds a Shostakovich Waltz.  Both groups joined forces in a little bit of Beethoven’s Ist Symphony which the DCO will be performing at their next concert.  This is an afternoon concert at 4pm on Sunday November 17th in the Victoria Halls, Dunblane.


The day was enhanced with home-baking and a great atmosphere.  Well done to everyone that took part and helped to make the event possible.

Meet the Orchestra

Meet our Principal Conductor: 

Robert Baxter

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Meet our Leader:

Carolyn Sparey